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Don’t worry guys… I’m still here and alive! I know probably so many of you were worried by my unusual length of time going without making a blog post. I really don’t have much of a good excuse except things have gotten even crazier in life lately. But none the less, I always manage to get around to blogging at some point and can’t bare to quit it.

So I guess the influence for today’s post would have to stem from my makeup routine…. yes, yet another makeup post that so many other ladies can relate to! I was thinking about just how frustrating it can be to be a female. At least one that is into getting “dolled” up. Make up is like an art and it can be highly irritating to deal with on a daily basis. It takes a lot of time and work to get it…

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Sport till you drop, Challenge day #3

Gossip Girl

Hey Gossers and other visitors!

Welcome to my blog. I want to challenge you with a SPORT challenge! This is my third day at the fitness school and my goal is gonna gain an awesome but and a crunchy six-pack, tomorrow I will upload my ”before” photo and about 30 days I’m gonna upload an after photo. I challenge you to do the same and post your photos ”before-after” after going each day for 1 hour going to the fitness school. So send me, or make a blog post and tag me in it! Or reblog my post and make a blogpost.

You can also mail your photos to:

Girls, let’s get fit aaaand gain that beautiful but and belly. You don’t have an abbo for the fitness school? Try my squad and crunch scheme, they are posted under this text. So no excuses anymore and sport till you…

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Gel Nail Polish!


Gel nail polish is probably the greatest nail polish ever invented! In my own words of course. But seriously, if you have not tried it, I suggest you do so! One bottle is a little pricey but it is definitely worth it when you come out with amazing nails.

If you are like me, you have trouble with ordinary nail polish always chipping, looking dull, or not lasting long at all. Well gel nail polish fixes all of that!

You apply it like any other nail polish but it dries like a gel! It dries under a UV or LED light in under 30 seconds. And not to mention the best part…. it lasts for up to three weeks!


No more worrying about what you do or what you touch to make your nail polish chip.

So which brand do I suggest? Gelish. As of now, it is the best brand of gel polish I have found that is quite popular and has great reviews. My dream nail polish drawer consists of every single color of Gelish polish.

And anyone that knows me knows I am a glitter freak. Well if you are one as well, there’s different varieties of glitter gel polish as well! Seriously…. go and buy some now! Your nails will look amazing!


Already tried or currently use gel nail polish? Leave a comment about it below!

Lip Venom: Plump Your Lips with Gloss


Lip Venom. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This product definitely caught my eye by the name and quickly caught my liking even more so after trying it. Today I thought I would give a quick a review and description of this amazing stuff.

Lip Venom is a gloss that also acts to bloat and puff your lips. It is quite a clever product actually and definitely worth the cost. This product starts working literally right as you put it on. Now I will warn you, it does give a bit of a tingling feeling when you apply it but that quickly goes away within seconds. The name and purpose together is actually quite genius when you think of the meaning…

Lip venom, such related to a snake bite that would cause you to bloat or puff up. Lip Venom, such as the gloss, represents this by giving a tingling feeling to your lips causing your lips to puff.

This gloss leaves your lips bigger and fuller with a great coating of shine that lasts all day. It is definitely not a disappointing product and yes, I would recommend it to anyone that were to ask.



Beauty Update!

I do apologize for my lack of recent posts on this beauty blog. I have been crazy busy the past few weeks and am responsible for multiple blogs. But I do have a list of great beauty topics and reviews to discuss with you so sit back and just be a tad more patient! I will be posting a couple posts today  or maybe even more within the next few hours 😉

I have been dying to make these posts and I am pretty sure I will not go through such a long phase of not posting because let me tell ya… it has felt quite awful knowing I was neglecting talking about one of my favorite interests and topics!

Until later, guys… please stick around because I got some great stuff you do not want to miss reading on!

Monthly Makeup Products for Only $10/month!

Happy Monday! I want to address this post in regards to something new I gave a try for. Last month when I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw an ad in regards to beauty products and of course me being the beauty enthusiast I am, I clicked on it. It took me to I did some searching around on it and read reviews. Overall, it’s a site where you can sign up for a membership that is $10/month and you receive little makeup bags of different products each month. After researching and reviewing the products they send, this deal was definitely worth taking advantage of. And alas, I did hoping to not be disappointed and after receiving my first kit today, I definitely am not!

Take a look! 🙂


The makeup bag included a stick of lip gloss, bronzing eye cream, bronzer powder, a bottle of tanning oil, and a bottle of beach hair spray.


With this cute little pink make up bag it all came in. Which is pretty awesome to receive a new different bag each month along with the different products. I will definitely have more of a make up collection going.

I definitely suggest other makeup enthusiasts to take a look in to the membership! It’s a nice cheap way to try out different beauty products.

Do you use Ipsy or any other makeup membership site? What items do you receive?


Use this Contouring Trick to Highlight Muscle Tone


Do you want to know of a quick easy way to highlight and “fake” some muscle tone on your legs? Of course you do! So throw on  your mini skirt and feel even more confident about your legs with this little trick…

All you need to do is take your favorite brand of a pale pink shimmer powder and dust some of it down your shins in a straight line. Not only will this draw eyes but it will make your legs look longer.



Know of any other tips or tricks to highlight muscle tone? Please share in a comment below!

Baby Rose Sugar Scrub


Body scrubs can get pretty expensive for just a small jar. What if I tell you that you can make your own body scrub at home for just pennies with all natural ingredients? Well you can! And there are many different scrubs you can make. And I am talking HUNDREDS. I will address a very good one here and make more future posts of different body scrubs. But lets just take it one at a time. So here we go!

This scrub is called “Baby Rose Sugar Scrub.” All you really need is white sugar, baby oil, rose petals, a jar, and a food processor. You might already have if not all, most of this stuff at home. Even if you don’t, you can get this stuff anywhere for just a few bucks and still be able to make big batches of this sugar scrub.

So how does this magical little scrub come together? Very easily actually!

All you simply do is take all these ingredients:
-1/5 cups of plain white sugar
-1/4 cup of baby oil
-12 rose petals

…And blend them together in the food processor.


See? Simple. Now you can grab a cute little decorated jar and put the product into it for good keeping.

This all natural scrub along with many other homemade scrubs, last much longer than store bought ones that are not only expensive but filled with chemicals. I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t try it myself and I can honestly say it is AMAZING. It leaves your skin so soft and smelling great. I use scrubs right when I get out of the shower. While my body is still a little damp, I scrub the product over my skin like lotion and wash it off.

Got any scrubs you like to use or make? Please feel free to share!

With a Touch of Lipstick


For my first actual beauty post, I have this pulled from my other blog site but thought it would fit better on here. Enjoy 🙂

On a tiring morning last week I woke up and quickly threw on work clothes before I looked in the mirror and realized I was dressed in all black….in summer. Now to some girls that may not seem like a big deal but for me and my own taste it kind of is. Awhile ago I realized I own way too many black clothing items and I like color! So I have no idea how that progressed.

But anyway, I absolutely hate the “blah” look on myself of being all dressed in black. Some people can pull it off but I believe I do not. Changing my whole outfit would of been too much of hassle for me at the time so I needed a pop of color. So I thought hmm, what would give me that quick pop of color? A piece of jewelry? Maybe? That would work but I decided on my bright awesome red cherry lipstick! So something so small and simple is what influenced this post…. lipstick.

Did you know there is more to applying lipstick than just brushing a couple streaks across your lips? Well there is! And although I did not have enough time to do the proper technique of applying lipstick for it to last longer and brighter, I will still address the steps to the technique here.

1. Scrub- The most important part is to have clean, smooth, soft lips before applying lipstick. Lip scrubs are the best for it and you can find some easy and cheap lip scrub recipes online using ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen and bathroom.

2. Primer- Any clear primer would work and should also be applied before the lipstick. It helps to keep the color longer.

3. Lip liner- Lining your lips with lip liner helps keep the color from running outside of your lips.

4. Layers- The more layers of lipstick you have, the stronger color you have and the longer it lasts. Blot your lips in between each layer.

5. Powder- Lightly dabbing your lips with translucent face powder after the lipstick helps lock in the color even more.

6. Gloss- Applying a layer of lip gloss over the lipstick and everything else adds an additive shine.

7. Touch up- And lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on your lips during the day and apply touch ups when necessary.

Enjoy and try out this technique next time you apply lipstick and you’ll be amazed by your lips all day!

Got any other make up techniques or tips? Please share in a comment!


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